Learn how to graze goats to eliminate invasive species and start transforming your life and land.

Whether you want to manage your land or start a goat grazing career, we have the answers.

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Save Forests


Save Time
Make Money

Life is too short to be spent fighting against nature.

Stop wasting time mowing, spraying and pulling up roots. Goats were designed for this job.

Goats Are Powerful

Goats eat invasive trees, brush, weeds and many unwanted plants

Goats help eliminate the use of chemicals and heavy machinery to manage land

Goats are a pleasure to work with and they can be easy to manage

Goats Are Profitable

Learn from a successful goat businessman.

Jacob Langeslag is a professional contract goat grazier. His business, Goat Dispatch has been renting goat herds to manage vegetation in parks, cities, and private residences for over 10 years.  As a trained ecologist, Jake has been recording goat grazing data on his farm and surrounding properties for nearly a decade, while perfecting the practice all along.  He strongly believes that goats will dramatically change the way in which we view and manage vegetation.

Goats Make It Possible

Goats Have The Potential to Transform Your Land, Life And Career

With a little bit of electric netting and a spark of ingenuity you can be on your way to creating eco-services that will change your life and the future of the land you manage.

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