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Stop letting your community's forests get eaten by brush and invasives. 

Goats can help change the story. The demand for better land management is out there and you can make a living working to restore nature.

Restore Wildlife Habitat

Assure that the native species thrive and the invasives die

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Transform your community’s landscape while putting money in the bank

Enjoy Working with Nature

Worry less about the daily grind, spend more time outside helping people and the planet

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I've made a good living working with goats in my community for the last 10 years. People love a good goat story! I found myself in the newspaper, on the local news channels and the jobs just keep coming. I’ve seen the results that come from grazing goats and I’ve also seen how the other solutions just don’t stop invasive species growth. I have a passion for land management and conservation and I want you to have a successful contract goat grazing business too!

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